Sri Datta Darshan


Devotees all over the world chanting this sloka knowingly or unknowingly is praising Datta Guru. Dattatreya the incarnation of trinity brought the system of Guru to this world that Datta Guru is Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesa.

All Gurus in the world is the tradition of Lord Dattathreya. My salutations to the Lord. The word Guru means a person who removes the darkness of the mankind. What is the position of a Guru? What should be his nature?, all these questions can be answered only when we go back and study from Brahma Srishti(The creation of this universe).

The four faced Brahma Deva started creation. Fourteen worlds and immense life forms were made. The mankind with intelligence and emotions, and saptarshis from his mind known as Manasaputras(Marichi, Athri, Angiras, Vasistta, Krathu, Bharadwaja, and Narada). Brahma started creation from his own body and got exhausted with the creation. Veda Matha appeared and advised of creating the relationship between male and female. Thus creation progressed in accordance with Grahastashrama(Family life).

Brahmadeva created Kardama Prachapathy from his shadow, Swayam Bhuva Manu from thr right side and a woman called Satarupa from the left side. They became couples and a fermale child Devahuthy was born to them. Devahuthy married Kardama Prachapathy and they had nine female children Kala, Anasooya, Sradha, Avirbhuva, Gathy, Kriya, Oorjya, Chithy, Khayathi and a boy called Kapilamaharshi (The incarnation of Lord Vishnu). Gradually creation went on.

In course of time, people got plunged in the material life forgetting Atmatatwas(The knowledge that a person is a soul and a soul has got so many responsibilities other than getting fully immersed in family life). They became slaves to luxuaries which made Lord Brahma Deva unhappy. In order to solve the problem, a great Guru had to take birth and guide these people. Athri Maharshy(The manasa puthra of Brahama Deva) and Anasooya Devi were made to marry and become couples. Lord Brahma ordered this couple to help to bring to this world a child who will lead and guide the world as a Guru.

When diseases spread and killed the living beings, Athri Maharshi compiled ayurveda from all vedas and advised to the world to save lives. In the battle between Devas and Danava, when the sun and moon were captured making the world dark, Athri Maharshi took the role of both sun and moon and gave light to this world. The tough code of Manu(manusasthra), which is very difficult to understand was compiled as a very simple smruthy by Athri Maharshi.

Anasooya Matha through the power of her chastity could fill water in the dried river Ganges. She created fruits and other edibles to all hermits rishis and other people and looked after their welfare during draught and famine. During the day when waters of the Ganges became polluted due to the contact with evil people, Anasooya showered water from her water vessel and made it pure.

In order to obtain a son equally powerful to the trinities, Athra Maharshy started meditation in Garudasana on single foot and without taking any food for hundred years. The pleased trinities appeared before him and said that they are showering the boon Atmadana and disappeared. Suddenly a boy with three heads and six hands appeared before the old couple and requested them to adopt him as their own son and vanished. One day the trinities appeared before Anasooya Devi and tried to test her chastity and they were converted to young kids. Later as per the request of the wives of the trinities they were given their original shape back by Anasooya Devi.

On another occasion when the husband of Sumathy Devi tried to block the sun. The obstacle was removed by Anasooya Devi and made sunlight available to the whole creatures. Hearing this, the trinities appeared before Anasooya and asked for any boon she would like to have. Anasooya Devi asked them to have the trinities born as her child and Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesa agreed to this. Thus in pournami in the month of Vrischika(Margi Sira month), Lord Dattathreya took birth, with more qualities of Lord Vishnu. Chandra Deva with rajoguna and amrutha Swabhava and control over medicines took birth as the son of Athri Maharshi with the blessings of Lord Brahma. Finally Durvasa Maharshi, with Tamoguna also took birth as the third son of Athri couples.

Chandra became the authority of Chandra mandala. Lord Dattathrya, the Guru of rishis and munis. Maharshi Durvasa led the immorals, cruels and those immersed in the darkness of the world without knowing their aims, in order to make vast changes in them to become good men. Sree Dattathreya stayed in the caves of Sahyadri as yogiswara(the lord of the yogis), a guide to moral and religious people, a kalpataru(tree which provides every thing demanded) to devotees and savior of the universe.

During the child hood, Swami exhibited his immense powers for the welfare of the world. Words are insufficient to describe the divine acts of the child which were far greater than the acts of great rishis and the people of the ashram were wonder struck. Watching this child for a long time they had a feeling that this Swamy is the only way to redress grievences and attain Moksha(salvation). Even when people wanted to approach him, Lord Dattathreya preferred to be meditating alone. In order to test the eligibility of the people of the ashram who asked him to accept them as his devotee, Swami plunged in to the waters of a lake and disappeared. The devotees waited around the lake for hundred years meditating in order to get wonderful powers.

At the end of the waiting for hundred years, Swami appeared over the water with a bowl full of liquor in one hand and a beautiful lady on the other. in order to test the devotees, Swami was chatting, dancing, flirting, singing, drinking, and smoking with the girl. The rishis who saw this thought that Swami has deviated from morals and left him. Some rishis remaining said that some have left without understanding that he was actually acting and they requested him to guide them. Hearing their request, Swami took them all to the ashram as followers and disciples(sishyas).

Anasooya Devi, his mother was happy to see her son Dattatherya returning to the ashram. Dattathreya requsted the permission of his parents to go over to Sahya mountains for the welfare of the devotees. Even when Anasooya Devi was familiar with continuous meditation, at first she did not grant permission to her son due her fondness for her child. Dattathreya reminded his mother of the greatness of meditation and finally obtained permission. Anasooya devi said that she had claim on his physical body and asked him to refuse it. Dattathreya tore his body and submitted it at the feet of his mother. The mother realized that meditation is important to him as he is dear to her and she as a mother should be broad hearted, and sacrifice her pleasures for the benefit of the world. The regreted Anasooya Devi gave back the physical body of Dattathreya and granted permission, and blessed him with tears.

Dattathreya started meditation at the Sahya hills with the permision of his parents. He not only uplifted human race but also Indras and other devadas. Thus the acts of Lord Dattathreya beyond common man's imagination was for the welfare and wellbeing of the entire world.

Swamiji appers to be pious, meditative and in maha rudra rupa but still always he maintains the balance of meditation. There is no end or break to the meditation of Swami. The paapas of the entire human race can be removed by just uttering his name once. There is no other better way to purify our hearts than to listen to his historical stories. Swami could redress the difficulties of not only humans but also Devendra(king of devas) and other devadas. Jambasura vadha is one such story.

Once Jambasura attacked devaloka(the world of devas) and Devendra(king of devas) fought with him for a lot of years. Devas became tired in the war and Devendra approached devaguru(the teacher of devas), Brahaspathy for advice. Brahaspathy told him that even the trinities(Brahama,Vishnu,and Mahesa) could not save them and the only way is to approach Sri Dattathreya the incarnation of trinities. Devaguru also told Indra that Dattathreya always tests his devotees and strong belief and prayers could only please him.

As advised by Brahaspathy, Indra went to Sahya hills to meet and obtain blessings of Dattathreya. Reaching there, he found that Swami is drinking in the middle of his followers performing dances after drinks. Devendra without any hesitation started to continue the services performed by his devotees and disciples. Dattathreya asked him why he is performing all these mean deeds like a servant following him and Indra said you are an incarnation unaffected by any mean deeds or practices, more over you are the greatest guru. Indra continued to serve Dattathrya like an earnest servant and honest disciple. One day Swami asked Indra why he is serving him the most incapable. Indra revealed the purpose of his visit . Dattathreya offered help to kill Jambasura. Indra fought Jambasura as advised by Narada maharshi, withdrew from the war and made Jambasura reach the Sahya hills. Jambasura found Anakha Devi in the shape of an extremely beautiful lady and proposed to marry her. Devi replied that if Jambasura shows the ability to take her on to his head, she will marry him. In the meantime, Lord Dattatreya weakened the strength of Jambasura. Jambasura however managed to lift the Devi to his head and he became ashes and Indra became victorious.

Lord Dattathreya had saved not only Indra but also Brahamadeva the creator of the world. During the early stages of creation, Sananda Sanaka, Sanalkumara, Sanak Sujatha were all yogis. In order for creation to take place, not yoga but the ignorant material life or maya was required. Brahma Deva created this branch of material life. In course of time this ignorance affected Brahma Deva and he forgot Vedas. Brahma Deva went to Sahya hills, meditated Jagadambika Renuka Matha, obtained blessings and visited Dattathreya along with Anakhadevi.

When the Devas and Asuras churned palazhi with Mandara mountain and Vasuki as the rope, Godess Lakshmi along with a goosberry tree(Malayalam- nelli, Sanskrit- amalaki, Botanical name- Philanthus emblica) came out of it . Lord Mahavishnu accepted Godess Lakshmi and took the tree to Vaikunda. When Brahama Deva approached Lord Dattatraya as he forgot the Vedas, he planted a twig of this tree brought from Vaikunda at Sahya hills. Parasurama worshipped Lord Maheswara under this tree and hence gooseberry tree got the blessings of Lord Siva. So this tree became dear to not only trinities but also Lord Datatreya. Since Amalaki tree was growing in Dattathreya ashram it was called Amalakasramam.

There are three holy lakes in Dattathreya ashram known as Mathru theertham, Meru theertham and Padma theertham. The sanctity of the lakes increased in the presence of Lord Dattathreya and even Bhagavan Soorya was relieved of his grave mistakes and paapa. He also got relief from diseases by taking a dip in this lake. Lord Soorya returned to his place purified and healthy by the blessings of Dattathreya.

Lord Dattathreya took different forms for the safety and fulfillment of the wishes of the devotees and gave them spiritual solace. The ideal example is the story of upliftment of Prahlada. After the killing of Hiranya Kashipu, Prahlada became the king. He protected the subjects like his own children and kept up the devotion towards Lord Vishnu, and got engaged in luxuaries. But he wanted to know who he is and this discontentment always made his mind turbulent. Prahlada discussed the matter with scholars of his court, conducted pilgrimages and travelled throughout the country.

Once he reached the sahya hills near river kavery, Prahlada saw a maharshi with divinity and health rolling in the sand. Prahlada asked him the secret of being healthy and glamourous despite staying in that ugly mud. Lord Dattatreya who was disguised as maharshi said that it is as if a python taking food only when it is available, and not going in search of it when it is not available and does not feel sad over it. "I am not so sad when difficulties come to me and happy when something favourable comes to me. I consider every object and living things alike and my mind is in God and I experience spiritual feelings I do not consider my body. This is my principle and it is paramahamsa yoga". Thus lord Dattathreya taught Prahlada the essence of yoga. When Prahlada opened his eyes,he got the darshan of Lord Dattathreya and experienced spiritual joy. Prahlada worshipped Dattatreya for the rest of his life.

Apart from advice the lord has given boons too and the story of Karthya veerarjuna is an example. There was a dynamic emperor named Kruthaveera in thretha yuga. Krutha veera who belonged to Hihaya section ruled for 77000 years in the capital at Mahishamathipuram. Krutha veera and his wife Seeladhara devi had no children due to the curse of a maharshi. This became the greatest sorrow in their life. In order to have a child, Seeladhara devi started anantha vritha with strict rituals in order to please Mahavishnu as per instructions of Mythri devi, wife of Yajnavalkya muni. Lord Mahavishnu appeared as an avadhootha in the dream and said that they will be getting issues.

Emperor Krithaveera as per the directions of Brahaspathy started Saptamisnapanavritha of Soorya deva. As a result she became pregnant and gave birth to a child having the essence of Sudarsana chakra of Sree Hari. The infant came out without proper strength to his hands. Eventhough handicapped, Karthya Veerarjuna, the child was brilliant and he accumulated knowledge and made every one surprised. After the death of his father Kruthaveera, ministers and acharyas decided to have him on the throne and started arrangements for the pattabhisheka(crowning ceremony). The prince did not want to be the king as he was handicapped. Well wishers of the king assembled to find a solution to the problem. Garga mahamuni the most important among them asked Arjuna to go to Sahya hills and depend on Dattathreya, pray and serve him and obtain his blessings to get the boon he wish.

"The most important thing is that swami always tests his devotees. Swami is an avadhootha beyond dharma and adharma, so serve him with consistency. Please him and you will be subject of his mercy. Subham bhuyath(let good things happen)", and with these words Gargi sent him.

Karthya veerarjuna reached Sahya hills and started service to Lord Dattathreya with constant deep devotion. Lord Dattathreya was pleased with Kartya veerarjuna and asked him what boon he wants. "I want to know the mental desires and thoughts of people, ashtasidhis like animathy. Akhandayoga sakthy, a thousand hands and blessing to fight and become victorious. With this thousand hands, Dharma and prosperity should prevail during my rule and atlast my death should be by a famous warrior. More over I should have deep devotion and blessings from you". This was the request of Karthya veerarjuna. In addition to all this, Lord Dattathreya gave him a special chariot to travel to any direction he wishes to.

After showering these boons and gifts, Bhagavn said that "this day which you got the boons is Krishnapakshastami in vrischika(margasira month) and those who worship me alone with Anakha Devi(Godess Lakshmi) on this day will get welfare of the earth and heaven,and ashtasidhis. Saying this Lord Dattatthreya disappeared. Anakhashtami vritha is conducted every month at this ashram. Karthya veerarjuna returned to his palace and ruled his people for years.

As Karthya veerarjuna had the blessings of Dattathreya, he could change to any shape and he travelled in and around the country ensuring good administration all over. He ruled for 40000 years efficiently. During the reign of Kartya veerarjuna, Ravana who became proud and turned against him was captured.

Kartya veerarjuna conducted several yajnas and became reluctant in the rule of the country. His mind began to travel in the direction of knowledge and to find out atmatatwa. Several questions came to the mind. So he went to Dattathreya at Sahya hills and saw the Swami in Samadhi stage. Karthya veera prostrated at the feet of the Swami and sung bhajans in his praise. Swami got up from Samadhi and called Karthya with a smile. "I have enjoyed every thing with your blessings and I am feeling reluctance, please advice me the way for salvation and save me", said Karthy. All sciences compared with advaitha dissolves in philosophy. Sculpture, fine arts, mantra sastra, the performance of our own karmas etc atlast embraces paratatwa. The story of Vishnu datta is an example. Please listen to the story said Swamy.

"Vishnu datta is a person who had studied sastras and does all swakarmas in the manner instructed in the sastras. He does Vaiswadevam daily(a karma as per Vedas) and pooja to the guest. While Vishnu datta was waiting for the guest as usual he saw an ugly looking beggar at the door. As per Vedas, one who comes for food is Vishnu. Vishnu data took the food and gave it to the beggar. Seeing the shining in the eyes, Vishudatta had a feeling that this was not a beggar. The beggar went out running and Vishnu datta followed him. The beggar beat Vishnu datta with stones and branches of trees. Vishnu datta however managed to catch hold of the feet of the beggar. Lord Dattathreya in the form of the beggar gave mantropadesa and blessed Vishnu datta.

VIishnu datta was tested thrice in the form of spirits and as he became victorious he was given a lot of boons and mantropadesas making him elite. Vishnu datta made a lot of people redress their grievences with the powers received from Dattathreya. With the help of Datta mantras, a Brahman boy with hot temper and bad manners was corrected. When somebody does his dharma, Bhagavan gives darsan and moksha.

So Karthya veera, I am showering blessings on you in my original shape. The essence of atma which gives sachidanandam is one. You can kniow for yourself with a purified mind(tatwamasi). This is Advaitha. The mind and prana are like a couple of bulls, if you can control prana mind automatically comes under control.

If you can practice pranayama and other yoga sadhanas, you have the mastery over Indriyas(eye ear nose tongue and skin are called panchendriyas) mind gets conscentrated over the soul. The idea aham Brahmamasmi(you are God) should always clean up the mind like taila dhara(contineous pouring of oil). Iha and para are not stable. Do not be outsted due to yogibrama influvenced by ashta sidhis. If the mind could keep away all thoughts and transactions, akhadananda(jeverlasting joy) can be experienced and that is the state of Sachidananda. Man gets Jeevan Mukthi(a state of mind as if not living) in that stage, Kartiya veera was asked to think about these and he was assured of getting a Samadhi stage. Kartha veera followed the instructions and got enlightenment. He returned to the palace.

Times passed and the pride of Karthya veerarjuna became increased day by day. He abandoned the life style and thought of a Brahmana. He shouted that there is no one else superior to him in the world. Once Karthya veera was returning victorious after a battle and he went to the ashram of jamadagni as a guest, Karti was interested in the surabhi calf of kamadhenu(sacred cow that fulfills all the wishes) and asked for it. But the maharshi was not ready to give the calf. The angry Karthy insulted Jamadagni maharshi and took away surabhi to his palace forcibly.

Parasurama, son of Jamadagni knew about the incident, rushed to the palace and challenged karthy for a fight. After twenty eight days of war, the thousand hands and head of Karthy was slained with the axe of Parasurama(the word parasu means axe). Thus karthiveerarjuna , who had no match in the world, as a warrior and who ruled the continents for 40years, the one who attained a lot of powers with the blessings of Lord Dattathreya, came to an end as desired by him by the jewel of Bhrugu dynasty. The son of Jamadagni, the incarnation of Mahavishnu Parasurama and entered swarga Karthiveera promoted the practice of anakhastamy vritha and he was the first devotee of Lord Dattathreya.

Kartya veerarjuna had four sons. They felt angry on Jamadagni who was the cause for the death of their father. They came to the ashram in the absence of Parasurama, killed Jamadagni, destroyed the ashram and ran away. Renuka devi, wife of Jamadagni called Rama Rama for twenty one times and Parasurama suddenly appeared. He swore that he will destroy the sons of Karthiveera and kill all Kshatriyas. But Renuka devi asked him to perform the last rites of his father, Parasurama took the dead body in one pan of the kavady and Renuka devi In the other and she asked him to walk to the south west part. Renuka told Parasurama to stop at a place where he hears the asariri(a sound without the person behind it seen) and there he will be getting a Guru and cremate us as per instructions of the Guru. Parasurama went up to Sahya hills and heared the asariri to stop. As per the words of his mother he went to the Datta ashram and prostrated before Dattathreya. Dattathreya understood the aim of the journey came and prostrated before Renukadevi. The cremation was done by Parasurama under the direction of Dattathreya. Parasurama turned around the earth twenty one times killing kshathriyas in masses. The mind of Parasurama became wavery and emotional after the kill. His parents appeared and asked him to conduct yajna under the guidance of Lord Dattathreya as a solvent to the effects of massive killing and disappeared.

Parasurama went to Dattathreya and narrated the incident and they decided to conduct yajna. He conducted the yajna by contributing the countries and assets accumulated to rishis as a penance. Rama was not at ease at mind and Dattathreya decided to advice the secret of Tripura. The mind of Rama became releived and he started meditation. Dattathreya thus brings peace to both parasurama and Karthi veerarjuna.

Sri Narayana took birth as Dattathreya with the element of Brahma. Lord Mahavishnu has several incarnations but Dattathreya is the only incarnation which gave advices to the devotees directly. Thus his actions are that of a great Guru. Dattathrya saves and uplifts even the family members of the devotees who serves him with immense devotion. Maharaja Ayuv served him sincerely and he got a son named Nahusha a god fearing son living in accordance with dharma. Nauhusha with the blessings of Dattathreya conducted hundred yajnas and went to the heaven with the body and became the king there.

Even when we see the Swamy once and serve him and in case we forget him, Swami will lookafter us and our family with mercy for several lifetimes. We understand from the stories that Datta history is an ocean of mercy love and protection.

The greatness of Dattatrya cannot be effectively communicated through writings or speeches. Even when we write volumes or speak for days it comes only to one percent. The philosophy of Swami is very tough and difficult to understand. Swami at times is against all customs, dharmishta, beggar, maha yogi, one against dharma, a person who do not believe in rituals, sanyasin, good family man, a person capable of providing moksha,and a lot of such qualities which confuse the common man. The only quality common to these various moods and moves of Swami is the affection towards devotees, and his mind is an ocean of mercy. There were two such incarnations five hundred and fifty years back, one at Peetapura in Andhra Pradesh named Sreepada Vallabha.

Sreepada Vallabha was born to the couples Rajasarma and Sumathy. As the foot of the child had divine signs, he was called Sreepadan. The boy grew up studied Chathur dasa vidyas and sastras and became a great scholar. He cured the mental handicap and blindness of his brothers, embraced sanyasa with the permission of parents and started pilgrimage blessing devotees and redressing their sorrows.

Sreepada Vallabha started an ashram at Karugady village near Raipur in Karnataka and helped the poor. He made a washerman who served him the king. An old widow who tried to commit suicide because of the bad life style of her son was saved and passified. The bad boy was transformed to a scholar with deep knowledge in all the Vedas by just touching him and that was the power of Sreepada Vallabha, the incarnation of Dattathreya.

In the next incarnation, Sreepada Vallabha swami took birth at Karancha in Maharstra. The baby came out with a loud Omkara. The boy was named Narasimha and he did not speak anything but Omkara. He was given upanayana at the age of seven. During upanayana the boy chanted all the mantras in Chathurvedas as advised by Brahama and all the villagers were wondered. From that day, scholars became his disciples, and even sanyasins depended on him. At the age of eight, he left the house with the permission of his parents and started meditation at Kasi Viswanatha temple.

All the yogis, sanyasins, maharshis etc became disciples of Narasimha Saraswathy. At the age of ten he embraced sanyasa from Krishna Saraswathy Yatheendra and became famous as Narasimha Saraswathy. He travelled around the earth, exhibited his skill in yoga and saved devotees. In prayag, he gave sanyasa deeksha to many. He gave maha nidhi to an ordinary house holder, stayed at Panchatheetha sangama and blessed a woman to have a child and gave life to people died in accidents. Later he went to Ganakapur in Maharastra, the meeting place of Bhima-Amarja rivers and stayed there and saved millions. He had no hesitation to go to slums and bless them. He built an ashram near an oudumbara tree and placed padukas.

Narasimha Saraswathy went to Sreesaila temple and got Samadhi at Pathala Ganga(Krishna river). Now thousands of devotees come to the padukalaya and conduct rituals and offerings. Those who perambulate the banyan tree and performs the padukapooja gets relief from the attack of evil forces and diseases. We cannot count the number of incarnations taken by Dattathreya. As per the rishis, he has got sixteen important incarnatins and they are listed below..

1. Yogi Raja Dattathreya : gave darsan to Athri maharshi and Anasooya in star Karthika on Wednesday
2. Athrivaradadan : gave darsan to Athri maharshi on Thursday, on karthika Krishna paksha
3. Digambara Datta : gave darsan to father
4. Kalagni Samana Datta : carried for the benefit of an issue to Anasooya
5. Yogi Jana Vallabha : evening as boy to mother Anasooya
6. Leela Viswambhara Datta : took birth to test the munis
7. Sidharaja Dattathreya : to bless yogis to capture spiritual heights. The idol is at Desom temple In the star of Makam in Kumbha masa Pornami. Special pooja and festival is conducted on this day at the temple
8. Gnana Sagara Datta : to give complete knowledge
9. Viswambharavadhootha Datta : to test the disciples
10. Mayamukthavadu Datta : the form of darsan to Suseelan at Varanasi
11. Adiguru Datta : during Danava Samhara gave darsan in the form of male and female to the Devas
12. Deva Deva Datta : the shape taken to remind Brahmadeva of Vedas
13. Sasmskara Heena Sivaroopa Datta : the form of cultured shown to Pingalanaga Rishi
14. Digambara Datta : the form taken for teaching Yaduraja of 24 Gurus
15. Dattavadhootha : the saviour of cow as shown to a devotee in the month of Meda
16. Syama Kamalalochana : the form looking the devotee as if the light of the morning sun

Sri Sri Sri Ganapathy Sachithananda Swamiji has established Dattta temples and conducts pooja for the welfare of the devotees. In addition to this, Poojas For Navanatha, the nine incarnations are also conducted in temples of north india like Matsyandra Nathan, Gorakh Nathan, Jalandhara Nathan, Kanifa Nathan, Charppada Nathan, Nase Nathan, Bharthari Nathan, Revana Nathan and Gahani Nathan.

Apart from this incarnations, Sai Baba born in Garidi village of Maharastra is a famous avatara of Dattathreya. Dattathreya saves all devotees without difference of caste, creed, religion, and way of worship. These are the different incarnations of Lord Dfattathreya, the philosophy of Datta, and the real way of the Guru..

Incarnations Place Kumbhabhisheka
Kalagnisamana Datta Mysore 9-9-1973
Yogiraja Vallabha Podathoor 26-2-1986
Datta Yogi Raja Bangalore 5-11-1987
Gnanasagara Ananthapur 10-03-1988
Syamakamala Lochana Vijayawada 10-2-1989
Athrivarada Machalipattanam 15-2-1989
Samskaara Heena Sivaroopa Jayalakshmipuram 25-5-1989
Adiguru Madras 10-7-1989
Digambara Datta Rishikesh 4-9-1989
Viswaravadhootha Datta Akhiveed 8-11-1989
Deva Deva Datta Nujiveed 8-11-1989
Dattavadhootha Hyderabad 17-11-1989
Datta Digambara Gundigulta 27-1-1991
Sidharaja Aluva 18-3-1991
Mayamukthavadhootha Achara Pakkam 24-6-1991
Leelavisambara Soorath 2-11-1991
Two Other Famous Temples
Datta Kasi Mekkadathu 28-10-1988
Datta Rameswaram Manginapudi 21-1-1991

It is a pooja done with rituals in all the 16 Dattathreya temples. This is an ancient system in worship of God Dattathreya. The number sixteen is also very important, 16 incarnations of Dattathreya, 16 principles and the 16 Shodasa Kalas and Dattathreya is a complete idol. The devotees also become filled with absolute knowledge and this is the aim behind conducting Kakada Harathy with 16 lamps. Sri Ganapathy Sachidananda Swami composed 7 keerthanas for seven days based on upanishats. In all the Dattathreya temples Kakada Harathy is conducted singing the same keerthana.