Coconut Pooja


Devotees who perform Mandla Nalikera Vritham(Special coconut pooja) offer a coconut with husk to the temple which remains there for 41 days for poojas. They should chant "OM SRI KARYASIDHI ANJANEYA SWAMINAE NAMAH" at least 108 times a day, come to the temple daily or as per the convenience and perambulate for 41 times. On the 41st day, the devotees need to reach the temple, get the coconut back and take it home as prasadam and consume it. The pooja brings all wishes cherished, obstacles removed, sufferings ended and this is the most famous offering at this temple.

How to do Nalikera Vritham?

  • Obtain receipt from the pooja counter furnishing name and birth star of the devotee.
  • Take a coconut (provided at the temple) and place it along with the receipt on the holy steps of Hanuman temple.
  • The coconut received after pooja should be taken by the devotee and he/she should do 3 perambulations holding the coconut in their hands. It may be handed over at counter no:2 after that and the balance of 38 perambulations needs to be done.
  • The devotee should be on a strict vegetarian diet for the next 41 days after tying the coconut. He has to chant “OM SRI KARYASIDHI ANJENEYA SWAMINAE NAMAH” for 108 times in the morning and evening. Hanuman chalisa, other slokas and keerthanas can also be chanted.
  • On the 41st day, the devotee should come to the temple and collect the coconut and take it back home as prasada.


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